About the School


The School for Eventual Vacancy operates as an ongoing exploration of education as creative practice and political subjectivity. It tries to find the power to make itself unnecessary and vacant. It is open to anyone interested in art and design-based discourse and production. It is an art school that has no interest in the current models of the art school.

The School runs as an ongoing series of loosely connected sessions, two days a week for one month at a time. At the end of each month, the need for the school will be revisited and systematically vacated if necessary. The school is free to all. Informal accreditation can be offered, but is highly discouraged. Curriculum is led by the research interests of three instructors for each session’s students, with an underlying concern for the necessary maintenance of The School towards its eventual vacancy.

Instructors are provided the opportunity to lead the group in any lesson, exercise, production, research, or exploratory activity they see fit as it relates to their own research or the larger interests of The School. In addition to participating in each Instructor’s session, students will negotiate collectively how to spend the time in their own session and can expect the full participation of the Instructors. Each session will culminate in a publication that may include, but will not be limited to, a pamphlet, exhibition, book, documentary, walk, meal, demonstration, or event, designed to offer a sense of summary or closure to the activity. All activities will be documented and archived on a website to be used in perpetuity towards the aims of The School’s eventual vacancy.

The School begins each day with an acknowledgement of the traditional territories on which it is located and ends with an assurance of eventual vacancy.