Session 1: Illusions, Disruptions, and Intramural in Education

Curriculum is led by the research interests of three instructors for each session’s 12 students, with an underlying concern for the necessary maintenance of The School towards its eventual vacancy. Instructors are provided the opportunity to lead the group in any lesson, exercise, production, research, or exploratory activity they see fit as it relates to their own research or the larger interests of The School.

In addition to participating in each Instructor’s session, students will negotiate collectively how to spend the time in their own session and can expect the full participation of the Instructors. Each session will culminate in a publication that may include, but will not be limited to, a pamphlet, exhibition, book, documentary, walk, meal, demonstration, or event, designed to offer a sense of summary or closure to the activity.

The School’s sessions operate under the following schedule (depending on finalized availability of cohort), with courses rotating time-slots over the course of the month:

10am – 12pm: Instructor A Course
12pm – 2pm: Instructor B Course

10am – 12pm: Instructor C Course
12pm – 2pm: Student-led Course

Course Descriptions

Use Your Illusion: Uselessness & Antagonism as Weapon will run as a multidimensional research project, exploring texts, situations, inventions, design, and the built environment as platforms for resistance. This course will aim to develop ideas, practices, and articulations that could inform a manuscript, exhibition, or series of interventions. This course will be led by Justin Langlois.

Contemporary Art + Education: Disrupting Curriculum and Classrooms will examine past and present models of art and design pedagogy to reimagine and disrupt current curricular narratives and practices inside visual arts classrooms at all levels. Through discussion, collaboration, and invention, a multifaceted research project and platform will unfold to build the base for a new collection of radical educational resources. This course will be led by Lisa Novak.

Intramural will explore intramural activity and the delimitations of ‘out of bounds.’ Intramurals are activities that exist within the bounds of an institution, but what happens to intramurals when the institution itself is positioned out of bounds? During this session, the course will comprise of three parts: [1] locating, [2] establishing and [3] marking out the murals (walls) that will be the bounds of The School For Eventual Vacancy’s intramural league. This course is comprised of several outdoor sessions, so please prepare for the weather.  This course will be led by Caitlin Chaisson.

Other course descriptions will be posted soon.

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