Session 9: Living in a Sausage City: The Fresher it Gets, the More People Eat It? The More People Eat It, the Fresher it Gets?


Tuesday, July 19, 2016 7pm-9pm, CRAB Park, Vancouver

This session will be led by Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte.

As we continue to explore the research and practices of participating members of The School for Eventual Vacancy, this session will discuss what it means to live as settlers in Vancouver, a city that has integrated the Hygrade sausage motto at the heart of its development strategy: “Plus de gens en mangent parce qu’elles sont plus fraîches. Elles sont plus fraîches parce que plus de gens en mangent (They are fresher because more people eat them. The more people eat them, the fresher they get).”

In a city in which vertical expansion has seemingly no bounds, stretching budgets at the same time as skylines, what meaning does the phrase “we acknowledge that we are on Coast Salish territory” actually hold? What does the right to the city mean in a place where occupying the city is at once a byproduct and an extension of ongoing colonization processes? Does participation in the life of the city necessarily reinforce these processes or can it intervene in them?


1. How High is the City? How Deep is our Love? by Jeff Derksen

2. Unfinished thoughts on settlement, occupation, and colonization by Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte

As we’ll be meeting outdoors, please dress appropriately, bring blankets and any sustenance you need. It gets colder than you think as the sun starts to go down. There is ample bike parking, washrooms on site, and a nearby car lot. There are transit stops nearby, and the park is a short walk from Main and Alexander. CRAB park is located here.