Session 2: Counter-Attacks: Research and Rehearsal for Eventual Institutions


Curriculum is led by the research interests of the instructors for each session’s students, with an underlying concern for the necessary maintenance of The School towards its eventual vacancy. Instructors are provided the opportunity to lead the group in any lesson, exercise, production, research, or exploratory activity they see fit as it relates to their own research or the larger interests of The School.

Counter-Attacks: Research and Rehearsal for Eventual Institutions will be the guiding thematic our second session and will feature a wide range of rotating Instructors. Over the month of June 2015, we will assume that existing educational models and practices are an attack on the ways in which we want to live and learn, together. We will explore the means of institutional practice, their limits, and their eventual outcomes through texts, discussions, counter-proposals, and public projects.

In addition to participating in each Instructor’s session, students will negotiate collectively how to spend the time in their own session and can expect the full participation of the Instructors. Each session will culminate in a publication that may include, but will not be limited to, a pamphlet, exhibition, book, documentary, walk, meal, demonstration, or event, designed to offer a sense of summary or closure to the activity.

The School’s sessions operate under the following schedule, with courses offered on a rotating schedule by different instructors across each Block over the course of the month:

Mondays + Wednesdays 
Block A: 10am – 12pm
Block B: 12pm – 2pm

Please note that enrolees need not be available for every scheduled class to attend all or part of the session.

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