Session 5: Endless Production: Not-Making and Potentiality


This session explores inclinations to stop making, to think about the things not made or never-to-be made, and to explore anti-making as a coherent strategy to critical art and design practices. Together, we will work to develop complications, potentialities, and lines of flight that can aid us in examining material and social practices as sites of eventual non-production.

Curriculum is led by the research interests of the instructors for each session’s students, with an underlying concern for the necessary maintenance of The School towards its eventual vacancy. Instructors are provided the opportunity to lead the group in any lesson, exercise, production, research, or exploratory activity they see fit as it relates to their own research or the larger interests of The School.

The School’s sessions operate under the following schedule, with courses offered on a rotating schedule by different instructors across each Block over the course of the month:

Thursday, November 19
Block A (Thematic Introduction): 7pm – 7:20pm
Block B (Not-Making – Justin Langlois): 7:20pm – 8:00pm
Block C (Potentiality – Caitlin Chaisson): 8:00pm – 9:30pm

Please note that enrolees need not be available for every scheduled class to attend all or part of the session. The location of this session will be announced shortly.

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