Session 7: Conflict in Public + Conflict as Justice


Our expectations of being in public, as a public, are built around some challenging ideas of duration, temporality, and capacity. Where one public finds a platform for agency, another finds a front of domination and erasure. This may be irresolvable, and so, how can we think critically and productively together about the forms, practices, and logics of justice that we encounter, support, and enforce?

This session will sprawl across a number of weeks beginning on June 21st. Each Tuesday from 7pm–9pm, we’ll meet in public, work through a short text, and add to a growing list of demands that we’ll make of ourselves and the structures that enclose us.

Texts will be posted on this page the Friday before each meeting (but you don’t need to read it to attend). This session will be co-led by Danielle Sabelli:

Reading 1 + Reading 2 (pdfs)

As we’ll be meeting outdoors, please dress appropriately, bring blankets and any sustenance you need. There is ample bike parking, washrooms on site, and a nearby car lot. There are transit stops nearby, and the park is a short walk from Main and Alexander. CRAB park is located here.