Session 7 (Part II): Getting on Like a House on Fire: Private Practice, Public Problems


Session 7 (Part II): Conflict in Public + Conflict as Justice
Getting on Like a House on Fire: Private Practice, Public Problems

June 28, 2016, 7pm – 9pm, CRAB Park, Vancouver

Led by Caitlin Chaisson.

This session will build on some of the ideas that concluded last week’s session, where the conversation began to explore the role of the personal, the intimate, and the private in issues of conflict. This session will attempt to think through the relationship between the family and the city, and what it means when personal disagreements spill into the social realm. How do the ways we practice conflict in private inform public problems? What thin line separates the kindred from the alien? What potential lies in arguments that are endlessly rehashed? All are welcome to attend, regardless of whether you were able to make it to the previous session or not.

Like all sessions, readings are available below, but you don’t need to read them beforehand to attend.

Reading 1 + Reading 2

As we’ll be meeting outdoors, please dress appropriately, bring blankets and any sustenance you need. It gets colder than you think as the sun starts to go down. There is ample bike parking, washrooms on site, and a nearby car lot. There are transit stops nearby, and the park is a short walk from Main and Alexander. CRAB park is located here.