Session 7 (Part III): Representing Conflict, Imaging and Imagining the Worst


Session 7 (Part III): Conflict in Public + Conflict as Justice

Representing Conflict, Imaging and Imagining the Worst

July 5, 2016, 7pm – 9pm, 221 E Georgia, Vancouver

Hosted by Stephan Wright.

Tuesday, July 5 will be the third and final session on the theme of Conflict.

As a sort of coda to our ongoing discussion of conflict, we will select and screen a series of excerpts and short films to lay the foundation for a summarizing, and yet certainly incomplete, conversation and agonistic exchange.

We’ll look to explore the ways in which conflict has been represented, co-opted, compromised, mediated, and extinguished. What can we learn from how we’ve ‘seen’ and witnessed conflict, and how might that prepare us to renegotiate our own relationship to conflict, disagreement, and dissensus? If conflict at once hosts both the possibility for building the foundation of democratic political action, and the possibility for indiscriminate violent expression, how can we best deploy an understanding and practice of conflict that can build out agency, autonomy, and action?

All are welcome. You do not need to have attended previous session to attend this one.