Session 8: Experiments in Civic Media (Prototyping Creative Publics Lab)

Piece of Work, acrylic on paper, 15.5×21 cm, 2015 by Liu Yao-Chung, via:
Piece of Work, acrylic on paper, 15.5×21 cm, 2015
by Liu Yao-Chung, via:

Tuesday, July 12, 2016 7pm-9pm, CRAB Park, Vancouver

This session will be led by Tara Mahoney, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Gen Why Media, PhD Candidate at SFU School of Communication, and Project Lead of the Creative Publics Field Study.

As we begin to shift to exploring the research and practices of participating members of The School for Eventual Vacancy, this session will interrogate what it means to “participate” in contemporary capitalist societies and what forms of participation evoke personal and collective agency. Tara will lead an exploration of the ideas and practices behind Creative Publics Lab.

Creative Publics Lab brings together post-secondary students with community organizations to co-design civic media projects that experiment with new forms of political participation. Housed at the SFU School of Communications, the lab imagines a space where participants understand themselves as political agents who use media, art, design and community organizing to draw connections between their own stories and those of the broader community while achieving clear goals around specific issues.

Together, we will ask, how can post-secondary institutions become production centres of applied political praxis?

1. Case study of WochenKlausur
2. Media Literacy as a Core Competency for Engaged Citizenship in Participatory Democracy

As we’ll be meeting outdoors, please dress appropriately, bring blankets and any sustenance you need. It gets colder than you think as the sun starts to go down. There is ample bike parking, washrooms on site, and a nearby car lot. There are transit stops nearby, and the park is a short walk from Main and Alexander. CRAB park is located here.